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Why testing for drugs at home is so important

testing for drugs

Why is no one testing for drugs? People are naturally curious and interested in experiencing the effects of illicit drugs; This probably starts with a non-addictive drug such as marijuana. But it might be a more potent drug such as Cocaine. Unfortunately, this is where it starts, once you experience it, you may want to try it again, and before you know it, you are on the slippery slope to addiction.

Prescription drugs

Testing for drugs

Before we talk about testing for drugs, I would like to talk about prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are possibly more dangerous than some street drugs. I recently had to go into hospital, I was there for just a couple of days, but while I was there, I was experiencing high degrees of pain. A drug called fentanyl was intravenously fed into my body. It cleared the pain almost immediately, but I experienced all kinds of weird side effects. When I looked at the ceiling, all the ceiling tiles in the room seemed to be moving around. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, and the pain had regressed, but the sensation was like ‘an out of body’ experience.


After being released, I had one final meeting with the doctor. He asked if I was still in pain, I answered and said “I am in some discomfort but not too bad” He asked that I go to the dispensary and pick up a prescription I have written for you. So on the way out, I picked up my order. When I got home, I took a closer look at what he had prescribed. He prescribed 90 tablets of Oxycodone. I was, to say the least shocked. All I needed at most was six to ease the pain if needed.

Drug abuse

testing for drugs

Dispensing 90 tablets of Oxycodone to me was reckless, and with that amount, I could have become addicted, and for what? A little pain? We hear of many people becoming addicted to prescription drugs, and in the end, they turn to heroin based street drugs to satisfy their craving. Fortunately for me, I understood the dangers of Oxycodone and didn’t take them. But for many of us who don’t know, when a doctor prescribes a drug, we think it’s safe to use.

Here is a link to the SAMHSA website Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Testing for drugs

I will finish off by warning you of the dangers of over-prescription and where it leads. Read the documentation of the risks of the medication. If you think that someone in your family is abusing drugs, then you have ‘Buy a Drug Test‘ at your side where testing for drug abuse is simple whether it is for prescription or street drugs.

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