Specimen Cup for a urine drug test

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Using a specimen cup is a preferred method for the collection of urine for drug testing with a dip card. A dip card often called an immunoassay needs a urine sample to identify drugs of abuse in urine. They are used throughout the industry for the collection and administration of urine for a drug test. 

specimen cup

The benefits of using a specimen cup:

  • Suitable for dip card drug tests
  • Low unit price
  • Non-gender-specific
  • Volume level markers
  • Heat sensitive strip (90° to 100° F. )
  • They are made from a recyclable plastic for a cleaner world.

Available in two versions, the first is the most common, the second one includes a lid; the latter being desirable if you wish to send a sample of urine to a test lab to confirm a presumed positive sample.

Regular specimen cup


Specimen cup with screw tight lid.

The important thing to remember is both cups include a heat-sensitive strip. The strip measures temperature between 90° to 100° F. Temperatures out of this range are not acceptable. We recommend that an acceptable temperature should be between 93° to 98° F. This range is tighter than typically accepted because it assures the urine has not been substituted with a fake sample.

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