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Drug Testing Kits for the workplace

BuyaDrugTest is your leading supplier of test kits for use by managers in the workplace, office, or on-site. These kits are designed for testing employees randomly, or reasonable suspicion, after an accident, and pre-employment purposes. We realize the importance of drug screening for employees, and that’s why we offer these superior kits from Wondfo. By providing these excellent kits to employers it provides a fast and easy way to get results before making important decisions.

Screening Solutions

Workplace drug testing requires drug testing kits that are easy to use, clean to handle, and give accurate results. Our rapid screening T-Cups are available in four types 5, 6, 10, and 12 panel configurations depending on the needs of the company. Managers always want test kits on-hand for random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing. Managers also use them for testing new employees, called pre-employment screening for new employees. The benefits of randomly testing without notice prevent employees from trying to detoxify themselves from an illegal substance to counteract the results. Drug testing in the workplace promotes employee and customer loyalty as well as reducing potential accidents.

Available Drug Testing Kits 5 Panel 6 Panel 10 Panel 12 Panel
Cannabinoids (Marijuana)
Phencyclidine (PCP)

The benefits of a T-Cup test

  • Each cup includes a specimen temperature test
  • Few positive results from common medications
  • The face of the cup shows the results which are easy to read and interpret
  • CLIA Waived and FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Very accurate cut-off levels
  • Safe and clean to use with no collector exposure to urine.

Features of T-Cup drug testing kits

Drug Testing Kits

  • One-step analysis
  • All tests are integrated within the cup
  • Each cup has a specimen temperature check
  • Each cup has an optional adulterant check
  • Each cup is FDA cleared with a 510(k) certificate
  • Each cup analyzes up to twelve drugs
  • All presumed positive tests can be sent for further analysis at a local lab.

Why is it necessary to check the specimen temperature before analysis?

Each cup has a temperature strip affixed to the side. The heat-sensitive strip is designed to alert the administrator of incorrect specimen temperature; when it’s out of range, it’s a likely indication that the specimen is fake or substituted. Check the specimen temperature within one minute of collection. The temperature will always be between 93° to 98° F. If the specimen is out of range, do not test but start the procedure again with a new cup and a new sample.

T-Cup adulterant testing procedure.

Checking the validity of the specimen is optional. The specimen validity (SVT) or adulterant test uses three color response pads within the cup. These pads change color depending on the condition of the urine. The pads are looking for the presence of adulterants. The Adulterant test checks for the following:

  • Oxidants: Detects the presence of Bleach or other oxidizing reagents.
  • pH: Detects a natural pH level found in urine. Normal pH ranges from 4.5 to 8.0. Values below pH 4.0 or above pH 9.0 is an indication of adulteration.
  • Specific Gravity: Normal urine will have an average urine specific gravity of 1.016 – 1.022. Levels out of this range indicate adulteration.
drug testing kits
Adulterant testing procedure
  • Compare each reagent area to its corresponding color blocks on the color chart and read at times specified. Proper read time is critical for optimal results. If the results indicate adulteration, do not read the drug test results, obtain a new sample. Note: All reagent areas may be read between 1 – 2 minutes. Changes in color after 2 minutes are of no diagnostic value.
  • Results are obtained by visually comparing the color of each pad with the corresponding color blocks on the enclosed color chart. See the example chart below.

    drug testing kits
    Example Chart

T-Cup drug testing procedure.

drug testing kit
Testing procedure


  • After the urine has been collected in the cup, re-cap with the lid and place on a flat surface.
  • Peel the label from right to left and read the result within 5 minutes.
  • Do not read the results after 5 minutes.

Guidance on how to interpret the results.

drug testing kits
Interpreting the results

Preliminary positive (+)

A rose-pink band is visible in each control region. No color band appears in the appropriate test region; This indicates a preliminary positive result for the corresponding drug of that specific test panel.

Negative (-)

A rose-pink band is visible in each control region and the appropriate test region; This indicates that the concentration of the corresponding drug of that specific test panel is zero or below the detection limit of the test ( cut-off level ).

Our drug testing kits are designed for ease of use, accurate results, with the option of analyzing up to twelve drugs with a specimen validity check. All in all, these products are the perfect solution for testing in the workplace with total confidence.

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Each box contains 25 hermetically sealed cups; each cup includes the analysis for detecting substance abuse in a urine specimen and temperature check.

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