Fentanyl Test Strip to Detect Fentanyl in Powder, Pills or Urine – 5 Pack.


This is five pack fentanyl drug detection test for powder, pills, or urine. The kit contains instructions and five fentanyl test strips for five tests. ( Free Shipping )

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Five Pack Fentanyl Test Strip

This product is designed to detect the drug Fentanyl in either pill, powder, liquid, or a urine sample. This Fentanyl Test Kit is a two-in-one product. It will detect abuse by sampling a person’s urine specimen or detecting fentanyl in powder and pills. The analysis provides a conclusive result in three minutes.

Suitable for various situations.

  • Law Enforcement.
    This kit can be used as a preliminary check to gain evidence at a crime scene, process a suspect, and analyze suspect material.
  • Concerned Parents.
    Identify a suspect material or urine specimen at home.
  • School, College, or University.
    Officials can use them to ensure that their students and staff are in a safe and drug-free environment.

Fentanyl Test Strip Features.

  • A low-cost solution to detect this dangerous drug.
  • Supplied in a Five pack.
  • Tests solids, Liquids, Powder, and human urine.
  • This is the most sensitive test on the market, with a sensitivity of 10 ng/mL.
  • Quick and easy to use with no prior experience needed.
  • Results develop in less than three minutes.
  • Five tests per kit.
  • Formulated to detect Fentanyl in pills, powder, and urine.

Fentanyl Test Strip Instructions.

  1. Remove the strip from its foil pouch.
  2. Label the reverse side with the patient’s name or identification if needed.
  3. Place a small quantity of the powder on the spoon, add a few drops of water to liquify the powder, and mix a little.
  4. Submerge the reactive end of the strip into the liquid, as shown below. Keep it immersed for 15 seconds.
  5. Do not let the sample touch the max line on the strip.Fentanyl Test Strip instructions
  6. Place the strip on a flat surface and observe the reaction.
    If two lines appear, the result is negative.
    Ifonelineappears(nearest the blue end)the results are positive.
    If no lines appear, it means the strip absorbed insufficient liquid.Fentanyl Test Strip results
  7. When complete, dispose of the non-toxic test.


This product may well be the answer whenever there is a situation to identify an unknown substance like fentanyl. Each pack contains five tests and instructions.

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