Fentanyl Test Kit – A Presumptive Test to Identify Fentanyl + Meth. 3 pack.


This is a cost-effective method designed specifically to detect fentanyl, amphetamine, and methamphetamine. This drug test kit contains instructions and three multiple ampoule tests. ( Free Shipping )

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This product is designed to detect the drug Fentanyl. The Fentanyl Test Kit is designed to detect and identify Fentanyl using presumptive drug test technology (PDT). The analysis provides a conclusive result in just 60 seconds.

Suitable for various situations.

  • Law Enforcement.
    This kit can be used to gain evidence at a crime scene, process a suspect, analyze suspect material.
  • Concerned Parents.
    Identify a suspect material at home.
  • School, College, or University.
    Officials can use them to ensure that their students and staff are in a safe and drug-free environment.

Fentanyl Test Kit (PTD).

  • Presumptive Drug Test (PDT) provides the capability to identify narcotics through a series of colorimetric tests that can be performed anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick and easy to use with no prior experience needed.
  • Color-coded results.
  • Three tests per kit.
  • Chemically formulated to detect Fentanyl, Amphetamine, and Methamphetamine.
  • Used for Law enforcement, Homeland security, Airports, Ports, at home, Schools, and the workplace.

Fentanyl Test Kit Instructions.

  1. Remove the clip by sliding it off the pouch.
  2. Place the sample into a pouch opening using the spatula enclosed. Put powder quantity that fits in a circle shown in the table. Close the pouch by folding down the top, then replace the clip over the fold.
  3. Tap a few times gently on the lower corner of the pouch on a hard surface, so the sample gathers in the lower corner of the pouch.
  4. Break ampoules from left to right, one at a time, by pressing firmly on the center of the plastic holder of the ampoules’. Press just enough to break the glass: Do not crush glass, as this may cause the glass to penetrate the pouch.
  5. After breaking each ampoule, gently agitate the pouch by flicking the side with a finger.
  6. Observe the color results during the first 60 seconds after crushing all ampoules. For best results, hold the pouch at a slant when viewing color change (important if the results contain layered colors). View color changes against a neutral-colored background. Sunlight or bright lighting is best for viewing color changes.
  7. Compare the color that develops immediately to the color chart.
  8. A rapidly developing brown color indicates the presence of Fentanyl. A red-pink color suggests Methamphetamine or Amphetamine compounds.
  9. When complete, dispose of the pouch according to law and regulations and agency procedures.

Fentanyl Test Kit instructions


Whenever there is a situation to identify an unknown substance, then this product may well be the answer. It’s a Presumptive Test to determine the validity of an unknown substance.

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