Drug Residue Surface Test to determine if a substance is a drug or not.

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This surface test detects over eleven illicit narcotics. It’s safe to use almost anywhere where you need to identify an unknown substance. Results are instant for drug residue detection. ( Free Shipping )

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Residue Surface Detection Test is used to determine if a substance is a narcotic and what it is.

The product is a surface test known as a Multiple Drug Detection and Identification of Narcotics. It will identify an unknown substance quickly and safely.

The residue analysis is formulated to quickly detect drug residue, including marijuana/cannabis, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP), Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Ketamine, Heroin, Methadone, LSD, Buprenorphine, Bath Salts, K2-Spice, and Opium without destroying the evidence.

The drug residue surface test is capable of detecting trace amounts on a variety of surfaces. This multi-drug test is the ideal solution for home, school, work environments, automobiles, and more. It’s simple to use and safe to handle, with chemically formulated color-coded results in seconds.

Suitable for various applications.

  • Law Enforcement.
    This kit can be used to gain evidence at a crime scene, to process a suspect, analyze an unknown substance, and more.
  • Concerned Parents.
    Detect a suspect at home and to monitor a child’s activity.
  • School, College, or University.
    Officials from all levels can use them to ensure that their students, professors, and staff are working in a safe and drug-free environment.
  • Employers, Office, and the Workplace.
    Managers can use them to monitor suspect employee environments to assure their clients and customers that they are a reliable and proactive organization.

Drug Residue Surface Test Kits.

  • Quick and easy to use with no prior experience needed
  • It does NOT destroy the evidence while testing
  • Color-coded results
  • Two – four tests per kit
  • Chemically formulated to detect unknown residue
  • It can be used on almost any surface
  • It can detect tiny amounts of residue
  • Used for Law enforcement, Homeland security, Airports, Ports, at home to monitor family members, Schools, and the workplace to monitor managers, employees, and staff.

Instructions for using a Residue Surface Test


Whenever there is a situation to identify an unknown substance, then this detection product will be able to detect trace amounts on a variety of surfaces. It’s the Drug Residue Surface Test to determine if an unknown substance is a narcotic and what it is in almost any situation.

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  1. Toni Dupree

    Perfect! Confirmed my suspicion.

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