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Drug Testing for Unknown Substances at Home or in the Workplace.

Drug Testing for Unknown Substances

Illicit substance abuse

Parents are becoming more and more concerned about their family using and abusing illegal substances. Parents are noticing changes in their teen’s behavior and habits and wonder why. The wide availability of ‘street drugs’ and peer pressure makes it tempting to experience their effects. The potency and the mixing of one drug with another (called a cocktail) are causing severe health problems, addiction, and even death. What do parents do?

The solution to fixing the problem

Drug abuse in the family is becoming more common. By using a surface drug test, parents can detect many unknown substances, including narcotics, and many street drugs and positively identify them.

The technology for Drug Testing for Unknown Substances has been around for a while; it’s only recently that they have been available to the individual. Homeland Security, Airports, DEA, and Police Enforcement, have been using these products for over twenty years to identify unknown powder and pills.

Now there is a solution for the Home or Office; A test that identifies many different illicit narcotics. ‘BuyaDrugTest‘ has been using these products for many years with great success and decided to make them available to anyone who needs to detect and identify an unknown substance.

Drug testing for unknown substances

The task of detecting drug residue is a simple one and can be achieved without professional help or experience. These products are called ‘surface drug tests’ and can analyze small amounts of powder, pills, or liquid and give an almost instant result.

The most popular product is manufactured by Mistral Security; They developed a technology called ‘wet chemistry.’ In simple terms, a small sample of liquid is applied to a specially treated paper; the test paper instantly changes color and identifies the substance.

Drug testing for unknown substances
This is the D4D kit which includes a pen containing a liquid chemical, two test papers, and instructions.
Here are kits that detect Cocaine, LSD, Heroin, LSD, and Methamphetamine.

One application for drug testing for unknown substances is to test a surface where you see trace amounts of powder. Other forms are where you find a pill and want to know what it is. A liquid can also be tested by applying the test paper directly to the liquid.

Significant benefits of using surface drug test kits:

  • As an unknown substance investigative tool
  • It does not destroy evidence
  • The results are quick
  • Portability makes them suitable for use in the field, the Office or at Home
  • They are very easy-to-use and interpret
  • They help determine if a drug is positive for unknown or suspect material

Markets that use these products:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Security agencies
  • Corporate HR departments
  • Private residences
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities.

Surface test kits for drug testing for unknown substances

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